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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Yin Yang Huo

If you are interested in natural herbs and their ability to provide many health benefits, you will certainly be amazed by Yin Yang Huo. Natural herbs have been used for thousands of years in countries such as China and India, and these herbs are still widely used in these countries today and form a major part of their medical systems.

In the western world however, natural herbs don’t get as much as a look in and this is mainly because they provide no funds to the western medical systems.

It’s a sad affair that large pharmaceutical companies are encouraging people to take harmful medications when there are so many natural wonders on this earth!

About Yin Yang Huo

Commonly known by the names of Horny Goat weed, Epimedium and Goat Wort, the herb is a genus of over twenty related plant species.

These plants are grown throughout Asia and some parts of the Mediterranean and have yellow, red or purple flowers.

The herb is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac to treat impotence and improve sexual desire.

The alternative name of Horny Goat is said to have come from a farmer who noticed that his goats had a much larger sexual appetite after eating the herbs.

Commonly found in western dietary supplements these days, the claims from products that contain the herb usually centre on its ability to increase libido, improve energy levels and enhance recovery from exercise.

It is thought that the herb is able to modulate the levels of the primary stress hormone that when increased, is known to cause fatigue and a depressed sex drive.

It is also able to increase blood flow to the brain and sexual organs.

Health Benefits

Apart from treating conditions such as impotence and low libido, Yin Yang Huo has a number of other health benefits too. It can help to regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol and is also thought to cleanse the liver.

Some of the specific health conditions that it is thought to help include the following:

  • Urinary Incontinence – Physicians in China believe that the herb has properties that enable it to stimulate growth in the sphincter muscles, therefore helping to bring incontinence under control.
  • Gonnorrhea – The plant extract is able to kill bacteria that cause gonnorrhea and also increase the production of germ-eating immune cells.
  • High Blood Pressure – Due to its ability to dilate blood vessels, it increases blood flow to the heart and subsequently lowers blood pressure.
  • Infertility – Due to it increasing levels of testosterone in the body, it is able to stimulate sexual activity in men and also increase sperm production.

It seems that herbal remedies that have been used for thousands of years, will continue being used for thousands more. Why would anyone want to keep putting harmful libido boosting drugs into their body when there are such safe alternatives?

Yin Yang Huo has amazing health benefits and is certainly a herb which is gaining a greater reputation.

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