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A SizeGenetics™ Review – Giving Hope To Those In Need Of A Few More Inches!

Review of: SizeGenetics™
Penis stretching device by :
Permenda Ltd
$199.95 - $398.95

Reviewed by:
On June 13, 2012
Last modified:May 4, 2014


The SizeGenetics™ device is one of the most well known penis extenders in the market. It has been lab tested and doctor approved for effectiveness and safety.

“Size Doesn’t Matter, It’s What You Do With It That Counts” – WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?

Aren’t you sick of hearing that statement? Of course size matters, we are just told this to make us feel better and to spare our feelings… but we have all seen their faces masking their disappointment the very first time they pull down our pants. Truth be told, millions of relationships are suffering because of a lack of satisfaction in the bedroom.

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My name is Keith Smith, and I used to struggle with my penis size, it affected me so badly. Having sex for the first time is daunting on its own, however my first experience left me thinking about forgetting sex for the rest of my life. “A woman pointing and laughing can destroy you” TRUST ME!

SizeGenetics Review & Discount Code

Now if you have stumbled across this SizeGenetics Review, you are more than likely here because you are concerned with the size of your penis, just like me.

This can be an extremely uncomfortable and personal subject to tackle, however you have made the first step crucial step. A step you will not regret once you learn what I can tell you. So please stay with me, read on and prepare yourself to learn how you can change your sex life.

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Why Is The Size Of Our Penis So Important?

In life or death terms, no it is not really that important. However a penis that is too small has effects on our whole personality.

  • Shy away from girls, dreading the embarrassment in the bedroom
  • Lack any Real confidence
  • Avoid getting naked in locker rooms, for fear of being ridiculed by friends
  • When do perform in bed, feel ashamed and doubtful

So What Are Our Options?

Not many to be honest…but we do have some…

Surgery – This makes me wince even just typing it. Penis enlargement surgery, needles and scalpels near my penis…sorry doesn’t do it for me. Even if you are capable of getting past the pain issues, the costs are expensive, there is a risk you could completely ruin what you already have and did I mention the PAIN?

Hand Exercises – Cheap, though effectiveness is dubious on most. Results take a long time to show…if they ever do. There are literally thousands of these techniques being sold on the market, and it would be a safe guess that 95 percent are scams.

Penis Enlarging Pumps – This seems to be the best cost effectiveness to results method, however it’s finding one that really does work. As with the hand exercises, there are so many that are made cheaply and actually achieve nothing. However there are some that do show extremely good results.

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This brings Me Nicely Onto The Product I Am Reviewing – SizeGenetics

To start off this SizeGenetics Review, it would be to say that this product is the number one selling Penis Traction Device, which has been developed by a company with over 15 years experience in the field. It has been proven to bring results, even been acknowledged by the British Association Of Neurological Surgeons to be able make significant improvements to the size of the penis.


Some Of The Claims Made By SizeGenetics:

  • Increases the length of the penis by inches
  • Their product is highly recommended by many of the world’s top penis enlargement surgeons
  • Improves control over ejaculation
  • Fills up confidence levels

What I liked about this product was how they sent it out in plain packaging to save our blushes, offered a 6 month money back guarantee (emphasizing their own their own confidence in the product). It has been endorsed by top penis enlargement surgeons the world over, and has been clinically proven to significantly increase size with regular use.

What Separates This From All Of The Other Penis Enlarging Devices?

Apart from the fact that it shows results…?

It has been designed for comfort, most of their competitors offer a simple 2-way or 4-way comfort system…SizeGenetics comprises of a staggering 16-way comfort system. This allows for you to have total comfort whilst wearing it in almost any situation.

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It carries an authenticated medical device certificate. A company that claims to have one of these certificates, but doesn’t, can expect to be in big trouble with the governing bodies. SizeGenetics does have one.

The SizeGenetics product has been around for over 15 years, which is a lot of experience in the industry. The product may have evolved during that time, but it shows their commitment to producing an effective product.

So To Finally Get The Wife Purring With Satisfaction – There Really Is Only One Viable Option!

It is more than being about just your pride and ego! This could ultimately save your current and any other future relationships from failing due to the bedroom department.

It really is time to do something, don’t put it off any longer…you are only wasting your own precious time. If you are ready to take the plunge and have learned something from this SizeGenetics review, click HERE to go directly to the SizeGenetics website.

With the SizeGenetics system you will receive:

  • A clinically proven, medical type 1 device for safe enlargement
  • The official PenisHealth exercise DVD for faster growth
  • Access to PenisHealth online for all-round sexual fitness
  • A quality travel bag for enlargement wherever you go
  • 100% 6 month money-back guarantee
  • 24 hour trained customer support

Do not attempt to buy from anywhere else; because of the ongoing success of this product, there may be instances of imitation. The genuine product is only available from SizeGenetics themselves.

Thank very much for taking the time to read this SizeGenetics Review, and just take note of how the opening statement should ideally read.

“Size Does Matter, But What You Can Do With It Is Always A Bonus!”


The SizeGenetics™ device is one of the most well known penis extenders in the market. It has been lab tested and doctor approved for effectiveness and safety.

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    You’re right – most women do say size doesn’t matter. Whether it’s true or not is another issue – the thing is if a guy feels inadequate his confidence is zilch.

    Thanks for the interesting post. Good job.

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