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SizeGenetics™ Clinical Studies – The Results


When men become uncomfortable regarding the size of their penis, they usually try and shy away from sexual experiences in fear of embarrassment and future rejection.

This leaves many men looking at the different options they have to enhance the size of their penis. Surgery is one option, but surgical procedures can often be dangerous and have a high rate of complications experienced.

Non-surgical procedures to enhance the size of the penis is probably the most popular option, but many of these products are just hyped up through marketing and do not provide the desired results that people expect.

However, one product called SizeGenetics has been proven to work is a popular traction device. Sizegenetics clinical studies have proven what users of the product have known for ages; that it really does work.

Traction Devices

These devices work in a way that can be compared to weight-lifting. When lifting weights, the muscles stretch and tear and then repair themselves. When repaired they are stronger and are able to hold more blood.

Studies have shown that this kind of muscle development is similar to that of the Copora Cavernosa, the part of the penis that contains the blood during erections.

A traction device will constantly supply traction to this part of the penis and cause the cells to split and pull away. This results in new cells being formed due to cell duplication and increases the size of the Copora Cavernosa which is what limits the size of the average penis.

It is not an instant fix and the traction device will need to be used over a period of time; however, results are usually permanent.

Sizegenetics Clinical Studies

The traction technology has been tested in numerous clinical trials and the results have been impressive.

One of the most recent studies involved 18 men between the ages of 24 and 47 years old and was carried out over a period of 24 weeks.

Results were measured throughout so that the effectiveness could be accurately determined.

The Results

  • Weeks 1-8 resulted in a 13% average gain over the original length and girth.
  • Weeks 9-16 resulted in a 19% average gain over the original length and girth.
  • Weeks 17-20 resulted in a 24% average gain over the original length and girth.
  • Weeks 21-24 resulted in a 29% average gain over the original length and girth.

The total gain on average was an increased length of 1.9 inches and increased girth of 1.1 inches.

Every one of the 18 people who were tested gained the extension following the use of the device and there were no complications at all.

Other Sizegenetics clinical studies have all had similar results.

Although many of these products have been getting bad reviews, this doesn’t mean that they are all unworthy. When a product can prove that it works through studies, it guarantees the effectiveness of the product.

The fact that this product also has a 100% money-back guarantee is testament to its success.


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