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SizeGenetics 16 Way Comfort System – The Penis Extender With A Difference


Penis extenders are becoming a huge market with many men wanting to increase the size of their penis. One problem that is often faced by the consumer is that they are not comfortable to use.

This is because they only offer one standard comfort option. As you can imagine, every man is different in that department and these products are certainly not a one size fits all like they claim to be.

Fortunately, there is now a product on the market that deals directly with this problem by offering numerous comfort positions, in fact 16 in all!

The 16 way comfort system uses some remarkable technology to ensure that no one is left feeling uncomfortable when using the device. You can adjust the device in any way you wish, based on the size, shape and sensitivity of your penis. This will allow you to wear the device without risking injury to your prized possession.

The logical Option

There is certainly no point in buying a product that you cannot wear because it is too uncomfortable. Also you want to buy a product that truly does the job it’s supposed to!

This is where the 16 way comfort system works wonders!

Not only do you have all these comfort options to choose between, you’ll be able to wear the device for the maximum time required, for maximum results.

That is why many men are now choosing this product created by SizeGenetics over any other penis enlarger on the market.

How Exactly Does The System Work?

Firstly, with this new technology, you are able to easily adjust the device to your specific requirements, according to your size, shape and even the angle of your penis. You can use whatever combination you think suits you the best.

The device contains several different parts that can be adjusted depending on how you want to wear the device. These parts are the following:

  • Silicon noose
  • Comfort strap
  • Protection pad
  • Fabric covered latex head grip
  • Non-slip protect mat strap

One major complaint of penis extenders is that consumers can never get the angling right, and this causes major discomfort. The 16 way comfort system uses MDA technology that removes this angling problem. MDA stands for Multi Directional Angling.

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Will I See Results?

As previously mentioned; to see real gains in penis size, it is important to be able to wear the device for as long as instructed. Many clinical studies claim that a penis extender should be worn for at least 4 hours per day over a period of 6 months.

If you have an uncomfortable device it would be a nightmare trying to sustain this for such as long period. This is why the 16 way comfort system is getting great feedback as the results do come over time.

Thanks to this new technology, thousands of men are performing better in the bedroom, but more importantly, keeping their partners extremely satisfied.

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