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The Top Male Enhancement Exercises For Improved Sexual Performance


Men are constantly looking out for ways to improve their sex life and performance in the bedroom. Whether it is just increasing sexual stamina that you desire or whether you are actually looking to increase the size of your penis, male enhancement exercises can certainly help.

Most women claim that “size doesn’t matter” but us men do not believe their claims. Although size may not take the place of sexual expertise, it certainly helps to fully satisfy your women, and if you are worried that your penis may be too small, this can really damage your confidence.

Fortunately though, these male enhancement exercises have proven to do wonders with some people claiming that they have worked better than drugs such as Viagra, especially over the long term.

Different Types Of Exercises

Although there are many different exercises that can help, today we will look at the most common:

  • Weight training and stretching – Some people use weights and stretchers to increase the size of their penises. These usually work by exerting tension in the penis that results in the growth of cells in the shaft of the penis. This leads to improved blood flow. Stretchers are widely available on the internet and most have received excellent feedback.
  • Pumping – Another of the popular male enhancement exercises that uses pumps or vacuums to enhance the size of the penis. When these devices are used, a surge of blood is pumped into the penis resulting in temporary expansion. However, when used over the long term it can increase penis size permanently. These are rather expensive and people seem to prefer a more natural approach.
  • Jelqing – This exercise uses no devices yet is considered the technique with the best results. This only works when the penis is around 70-80% erect or injury may occur. It is also important to use lubrication when carrying it out. Making an OK sign with the thumb and finger, pressure is then applied to the shaft and then you need to slowly pull your thumb and finger towards the head. When the head is reached, you repeat with the other hand. Each stroke should take 3 seconds and should be repeated 100 times.
  • Ballooning – This technique can be very beneficial to men who ejaculate too quickly. It also helps to improve stamina. The technique is quite difficult to master as preventing ejaculation is going against what is natural. This technique involves placing the palm of your hand on the glands of your penis when you are about to climax to prevent ejaculation. Over time this results in the spongy tissues of the penis expanding which may result in improved length.

The above are the most common male enhancement exercises; there are many more that use practices such as yoga and meditation.

If you are planning on trying the above exercises, why not combine them with some natural herbs that have been proven to boost sexual performance. Natural herbs are becoming one of the top choices for people looking to improve their sexual functioning.

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