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This helpful guide will provide you with information on the different types of products available in the male enhancement category, and what WORKS THE BEST!

Firstly, let’s take a look at the 3 main problems that males face when it comes to sexual performance.


penis sizeThere are many men who seek a larger penis. This is because they want to satisfy their partner as much as possible. If your partner is not sexually satisfied this can lead to confidence issues and a lack of pleasure for both parties.

After all, if your partner is fully satisfied, you have fulfilled your role as a man. This is all a part of evolution!

This problem is becoming more common and is a genuine concern amongst the male population. It is not just a matter of locker-room vanity anymore!

Fact: Did you know that the average cost of penis enlargement surgery is $4000 plus!

Due to this huge expense, many males are trying cheap products on the market that claim to do wonders, but let me tell you that these products are mostly a complete waste of money. They do absolutely nothing!

Finding the right product that will help you enlarge your penis can be hard to achieve, but not impossible! You just need to know exactly what to look for!


Another of the common problems that men face in the bedroom! Erectile dysfunction is where a man is unable to get or maintain an erection during sexual activity. Having this problem from time to time is not necessarily something to worry about, but if it is an ongoing problem it can lead to relationship issues, lack of self-confidence and stress.

Doctors usually prescribe people who suffer from this condition with products such as Viagra, but over the long term these may cause health related issues and are not always a viable solution.

There is a bombardment of products being advertised to help treat the condition, with products ranging from natural remedies and pills, to gels that can be used before sex.

There is even a “Viagra Condom” in production, although whether it will be released on the market is yet to be seen!

Some of these products can be very good if the right ones are used.


This is a very embarrassing problem that males face in the bedroom and is a result of a male ejaculating too soon into sexual intercourse or activity. Again, if it happens rarely there is nothing to worry about, but if it is a common occurrence, then it can cause anxiety and confidence issues.

There are many different ways that the problem can be treated including relaxation techniques and exercises, but these are not known to be very effective. A more effective way is to take supplements or use gels and sprays that can lessen the sensitivity of the penis during sex.


penis-enlargementAs I mentioned previously; the market has become flooded with male enhancement products that provide ZERO RESULTS!

The reason for this is that it is now a multi-million dollar industry and this unfortunately leads to small-time companies trying to make some money on the back of people’s sexual problems.

It is important that you avoid these products, as not only will they be a waste of your hard earned money, there’s a possibility that they could do you more harm than good!

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So now that we have looked at the main sexual problems that men may face, we are now going to take a look at the different treatment options!


There are many different products for the different sexual issues that men face. We will cover the different types of treatment for the 3 main issues mentioned previously and the products that get the best results


The majority of male enhancement products that you see advertised, especially on the internet, refer to increasing the size of your penis. Let’s take a look at some of the different products, how they work and which ones are the best:

  • Penis Enhancement Pills – Most sexual problems are caused by a reduction of testosterone levels, or blood flow to the penis. Most penis enhancement pills work by dilating the blood vessels to allow for more blood flow to the penis and throughout the groin area. This allows for stronger and harder erections. The best products are ones that also boost stamina and strength, and also improve sexual desire and libido at the same time. Avoid all the gimmick products that offer 4” growth in a matter of days. These products simply do not work and are a waste of money! Instead, source products that use natural herbal ingredients that are proved to help with sexual dysfunctions.
  • Penis Pumps – These were originally developed to help men with erectile dysfunction, but have since been used as an aid to increasing penis size. The engineering is pretty simple; a tube houses the penis and this tube is attached by a hose to a penis pumping device which sucks air out of the tube. As the air is pumped out of the tube by the vacuum, the penis is pulled further into the tube and blood flow is increased. To gain an increase in the size of the penis the product has to be used regularly (about 30 minutes 4 times a week) for a period of over 6 months before results are noticed. You need to be cautious of these types of products though as many do not provide any results and they can also cause harm if used incorrectly.
  • Stretching – This exercise consists of attaching a stretching device to the penis. Studies have shown that an increase can be gained from using these of around half an inch to an inch maximum. They are usually less expensive than the pumps and supposedly provide quicker results. Studies have not been concluded looking into how safe these products are, and it would therefore be recommended to avoid using them until such studies have taken place.


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The products for this common problem are similar to the above penis enlargement products and include pills and pumps that work in the same way. Some of the others include the following:

  • Prescribed Medication – This is the most common treatment and what the doctors will usually prescribe without hesitation. Viagra is the most common of the erectile dysfunction medications, and this works by improving the flow of blood to the penis. Be cautious of these though as there are many common side effects including addiction, heartburn, dizziness, tightness of the chest and rapid heartbeat. Loss of vision has also been noted as a side effect.
  • Herbal Medications – These types of products are extremely good as they are natural which avoids any side effects from being experienced. There are certain herbal ingredients that should be included in products for erectile dysfunction, and these include Horny goats weed, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and L-Arginine. These natural ingredients are all known to improve the conditions immensely.
  • Patches – These patches are worn by the man and they work by feeding the essential nutrients that are required for sexual functioning into the body. The patches that you want to look for should contain only herbal nutrients that are known to improve sexual performance. Natural patches are 100% safe and are very effective.

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  • Gels – There are many different types of gels on the market that work to provide a proper erection. These gels work by increasing blood flow to the penis. Gels can also numb the penis to prevent premature ejaculation. Some low-quality gels on the market numb the female during sex and these therefore need to be avoided. Only use gels that contain natural ingredients that will not harm you or your partner in any way.

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With herbal products you can guarantee safety whilst also experiencing fantastic results! Herbs have been used for centuries to treat a wide range of conditions, including sexual health problems and are now used in many male enhancement products.

Some of the drugs used in un-natural products may cause you harm, especially if used over a long period.

It is also wise to avoid any products that use pumping or stretching techniques as there have been many horror stories about the damage they can do if used incorrectly or if a low-quality product has been used.

The best herbs and natural ingredients to look out for in any product are the following:

  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • L-Arginine
  • Ginseng
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Pomegranate
  • Zinc
  • Beta Glucans

All the above can provide a massive boost to your sexual performance and any products that contain these natural ingredients are sure to provide you with the sexual performance you desire!

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To help you avoid the low quality pills, gels and patches that are continually providing no results, you will find below some pointers to consider when making a purchase.

  • The ingredients are the most important factor. See to it that the products contain only natural ingredients and avoid any that contain chemical components.
  • Choose the products that guarantee increased sexual desire, stronger erections and ones that let you have control over your orgasm.
  • Try and choose pills that provide increased stamina.
  • Ensure that a money-back guarantee is offered. This will usually determine that the product is of good quality.
  • Only choose brands that detail every ingredient used. This way you can consult your doctor to ensure that you are not allergic to any of them.
  • Always use as instructed and never use more of the product than directed to.

Hopefully, with the information that has been provided, you can now choose a quality product and improve the quality of both you and your partner’s sex life!

3 Responses to “Male Enhancement: A Complete Guide to Discover What Really Works!”

  1. Garry says:


    Thanks for the detailed info, it has helped me to choose what penis enlargement method to chose from.

    However I would like to hear your opinion on which non surgical method seems to be working the best?

    Please drop me a line here with your suggestion, or just say hello.


  2. Jim Guernsey says:

    There is a Dr that advertises on the radio, his name is Dr. Kevln Hornsby, and he specializes in treating Erectile Dysfunction. He has a facility in Michigan and uses over 100 combinations of drugs that he garanties will give you a satisfactory erection from the first time you use it (I think in his office) or it costs you nothing. My question is is he a quack or is he legitimate? I am a veteran and the vast majority of my health care is done through the VA they only have Viagra,or Cealis, a pump, a suppository called Muse(doesn’t work, at least for me) and an injection of some sort. There are problems with each of these, for one thing I am now on Coumadin and they say I can’t use the pump because it may cause permanent scarring. My wife says she won’t do the injection. So I have very few choices:I can do nothing and probably never have sex the rest of my life (it’s been 10 years but I would like to think that maybe one day I’ll be able to at least get a nice erection, or be able to have intercourse with my wife again.) The reasons for my problem are: Diabetes and I had colorectal cancer in 2003 (cancer free since then). I had Chemo and radiation treatments before my surgery and I’m sure that that didn’t help any. My questions are: should I be able to become sexually functional again, and should I trust Dr. Hornsby? In addition I have a fairly small penis, what’s the best way to do something about that?

  3. However, many male enhancement pills in the market
    today are cheaper copies of original brands. Unfortunately for this reason,
    people never consider that an effective treatment should first have its source in nature.
    The patients must take regular dosage of medicines only as per the instructions given
    by doctors.

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